Tim Kunt


I am currently pursuing PhD in mathematics at Zuse Institute Berlin, where I work at the intersection of the departments Digital Data and Information for Society, Science, and Culture and Applied Algorithmic Intelligence Methods.

Group Exhibitions
Schau24, Institute of Experimental Fashion and Textile Design, University of the Arts Berlin 2024
More Strange Things, Silent Green, Berlin 2024
Dissonance Within, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin 2023
Rundgang, University of the Arts Berlin 2023
Schau Winter 22/23, Institute of Experimental Fashion and Textile Design, University of the Arts Berlin 2023

On the Future of the Search Bar,  Berliner Sommer-Uni, Humboldt University Berlin 10.09.2024
The n-Queens Problem in Higher Dimensions, International Conference on Operations Research 2024, Munich 09.2024
Evolution of Search - On Retrieval Augmented Generation, KOBV-Forum 2024, Berlin 05.07.2024
On LLMs for Repositories - Retrieval Augmented Generation, Bibliocon Hamburg
Designing a Runway Choreography with Integer Programming,  annual meeting of the German Mathematical Society, Ilmenau 27.09.2023

MSc Mathematics, Technical University Berlin 2023
‣ Discrete und Algorithmic Mathematics,  Institute of Mathematics,  Technical University Berlin
‣ New Media Class, Visual Communication, University of the Arts Berlin
‣ Institute of Experimental Fashion and Textile Design, University of the Arts Berlin
BSc Mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin 2022
‣ Department of Mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin
‣ Game Design, HTW Berlin

Doctoral Researcher, Zuse Institut Berlin 2023 - Present
Student Assistant, Zuse Institut Berlin, Applied Algorithmic Intelligence Methods 2022 - 2023
Substitute Teacher, Gustave-Eiffel Oberschule, Berlin 2021 - 2022
Working Student, Project Portfolio Management, bdr, Berlin 2020 - 2021
Working Student, Product Development, Bayes Esports, Berlin 2017 - 2019


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