Tim Kunt


Politics of Seating
Choreography and Direction for UdK Fashion Show Winter 22/23

Febuary 2023
Institute of Experimental Fashion
and Textile Design, UdK, Berlin

Stage design and seating arrangement for runway shows inevitably impose what Kondo calls the politics of seating. As desirable seats close to the stage are allocated with consideration, the importance of the front row exceeds its functional advantage and becomes a signifier of status. The question arises if stage and space can be imagined in ways that level and amplify the experience for the audience overall, eroding the spatial hierarchies that produce the politics of seating. 
[fulltext under revision]

Luis Amslgruber, Dominik Bittmann, Charlotte Huttenloher, Nikolai Keller, Lena Kleinert, Constantin Prückner, Melchior Rasch, Mallki Garrafa Schmalz, Bob Chapri Silalahi, Arkadiusz Swieton, Jill Theisges

Theresa Glasauer, Katharina Illi, Philippe Toulabor, Ricarda Moll, Verena Wecker, Aaron Slupinski, Bella Witossek, Kai Witjes, Emma Nouriani, Karola Kulcsar, Matthias Ly, Lucie Layer, Rik de Jong, Pasqual S., Sami Garrafa Schmalz, David Korn, Oskar Poetsch, Kia Amouk, Laetizia von Hofe, Lisa Balduwein, Sina Bresching, Omar Soliman

Edlin Jap, Hernando Mazuera, Akira Oberhofer

Prof. Franziska Schreiber, Kathrin Hunze